Changing One Life At a Time

Teaching Class | Missionary World Academy

Welcome to Missionary World Academy! We are extremely humbled by God to be in the position of helping impact the lives of so many people here in Central America.

We believe that every human has the opportunity to change their lives for good through the mercy and grace of God. This begins with a decision we must all make by our own free will. It doesn’t matter the situation you are currently living in or where you come from. This decision is not to “be stuck” in a bad mentality of poverty, addiction or any other negative consequence from the fallen world we live in. Our hope doesn’t come from any man made thing, no our hope solely comes from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Once this decision is made to change your life and circumstance our motto “Changing One Life At A Time” is activated. We are here to serve the people of Central America and we believe that with a simple mindset shift and having faith the people can reach new heights of success in every area of their lives, even in spite of the situation with many governments and living circumstances. Here at Missionary World Academy we are empowering the people with education in the form of learning English so in turn they can be the change needed in their family and community. It takes discipline and dedication to make these changes, but the harvest is already here and the fruits are ready to be shared with these beautiful people. God never neglects any of His children, but we must take steps of faith and move with a purpose to accomplish His will for our lives. Central America with the power of the Holy Spirit through its people will never be the same. God will receive His Glory and Honor through the work of His people.

Blessings to you,

Sutton MacGregor

Missionary World Academy S.A. President

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