Getting a job

This is a program that consists of helping our students of legal age to get a decent job after completing the intermediate or advanced program so that these people can meet their needs, achieve goals or even dreams.

Companies like Startek offer job opportunities to our students after completing their intermediate or advanced levels.



Transition Honduras and Missionary World Academy created a strategic alliance in order to support young people on their way to independence in order to forge a better society prepared for a better future.

Community Work

At Missionary World Academy, we not only teach English, we also cultivate a healthy culture that helps locals understand the importance of a litter-free environment both in the city and in rural areas.

Future Projects:

We would like to bring more missionaries interested in exchanging English for Spanish.

We would like to create more partnerships with internal or external companies to bring solar energy and clean water to the rural parts of Honduras.

We would like to raise funds to continue educating the people of Honduras so that they may have other options to work in their own country instead of immigrating illegally to the United States.